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Printed from Rug Insider Magazine – Sping 2010 Issue

TEEBAUD® Announces Acclaim for Superior Nonskid Results

Teebaud®, the pioneer of truly reversible nonskid rug underlay, has just announced its recent independently acclaimed results of absolute reliability in keeping rugs in place. An experienced engineer, P.R. Lichtman, did a decisive study reporting the following: “Immediately upon first trying Teebaud ® I was impressed by the tenacity with which it secured a rug against horizontal motion, especially in light of the relatively low force needed to peel the rug off the pad or the pad off the floor. In other words, there was a high ratio of shear vs. tensile force. As one might expect of an engineer, I made what my colleagues would call a rug pad dynamometer consisting of a brand-new piece of Teebaud ®, a fragment of a Khamseh “Shiraz” rug, a 2-lb. flat steel weight, and a dial-type force scale. The area of contact between the Teebaud ® and the smooth Formica® table top was about 8 sq. in. while the area of the weight was about 5 sq. in. With this setup, the force required to set the rug in motion was from 5 to 6 lb., which is remarkable considering the downward force of only 2 pounds.” Mr. Lichtman further states: “As of this writing, Teebaud® is my rug pad of choice.”

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