Non-Skid Rug Pads

You put a lot of effort into decorating your home. You carefully selected your color palette so your living room feels warm and inviting. You picked your throw pillows so they’d perfectly accent the items on your bookshelf. And to complete the ensemble, you chose a plush, gorgeous rug that ties the whole room together.

But your rug has proven problematic in the last few days. No matter how you arrange it, the rug slips, slides, and bunches. Family members and guests have tripped over the rug several times, and you wonder if your rug is worth the safety hazard.

Rather than give up your rug, call the team at TEEBAUD. We provide non-slip rug pads that work on carpeting and hardwood flooring.

Enjoy Your Rug Without the Risk

TEEBAUD rug pads fit any size, material, and design of rug. You can custom cut your underlay so you never have to worry about slipping on your cowhide or floral-shaped rug. And the lightweight material allows you to lift and reposition the underlay with ease whenever you want to redecorate or clean your home.

For your convenience, you can order one of our rug pads through our simple online form or browse our product page to learn more.

Let Us Save Your Flooring

To ensure you feel completely satisfied with your underlay, we back all our products with a warranty. You never have to worry about our rug pads staining or discoloring your current flooring. And if you find any defects, we’ll gladly replace the underlay.

If you have questions about TEEBAUD or our warranty, call us at 1.800.833.2283.