Dear TEEBAUD, The pad arrived, worked perfectly. The party I had was a success. I love the pad, I appreciated the extra attention to get it right. It was a pleasure speaking with you.
Lexington, VA

We LOVE your pads and I speak from experience. I have 3 dogs and without your pads under my area rugs, my hallway would look like a typical cartoon strip with my rug bunched up at the end of the hall! In addition to my own personal experiences, what I share with my customers about your pads is that they last for years, they work on both carpet and hard surfaces, and that once you put them down, whatever is on top of them, DOES NOT MOVE. I also like the fact that because of how thin they are, they can either be cut to size by your company or a customer can order a big one and cut it themselves. Our standards are very high in our company and we only sell products that we know and trust (and use personally) and your pad is the only non-skid pad I carry in my shop. Thank you for making such a high quality, superior product that I can feel great about recommending to my customers.
Kim Adams
Santa Cruz, CA

Bobbie Joe's has been using Teebaud's Non-Skid Padding for many years now. We have found it is by far the best Non-Skid Product on the market. We are very appreciative of the Professional and Fast Service we have always received through Teebaud.
Tucson, AZ

When previous customers return praising their Teebaud, without mentioning their rug, you're selling the right rug pad!
Jeff Stewart
Panama City Beach, FL

I was first introduced to your rug pads through rug orders fron a major high-end US catalog retailer. It had been many years since I'd had need of rug pads and in the past, no rug pad had ever worked so well, or protected the floor finish so perfectly. We are very impressed with your rug underpads because of the above reasons and because they are also so "invisible" and natural under any rug. They work perfectly and are quite easy to use. As far as we're concerned, you have a five-star product at a reasonable price, and when I need custom sizes cut, you have offered outstanding customer service.
Jonathan Godfrey
The Schandua Suite

I have been selling the Teebaud padding for several years with great success. Rugs can be easily repositioned when changing the location. Just place Teebaud padding under your rug on carpet, hardwood, or tile, even chair cushions on wooden chairs, it works! It truly is the ultimate nonskid rug padding. I'm super pleased with the product and so are my clients.
Dave Patterson
Houston, TX